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 chisato kuroki

foto : Guillermo Luna Shulz

The act of creating, mold materials, shape the clay is for me a trip inside.
In the dark and silent depth of my being, as slow and steady ocean water's
I let be carried myself away by currents. I
They speak to me about sadness, suffering, happiness, life and death ...
My works come from this place, as the clay takes shape, I discovered myself
again and the place where I come from, my origin.
The origin at once singular and collective myself and others,
this starting point puts us in communion with all beings.
My works once finished make me feel an ambiguous closeness and distance
as if this is just emerged from my hands have a long hidden history inside.
A story that is not mine, but which I participate,
to join with my work and earth, water, air and fire.
A process as the life circle is constantly transforming.I was born in Gifu prefecture, Japan 8th of February 1964.
When I was 21 years old I visited to Spain for the first time and I felt something
special in Barcelona. I was back in 1989 and I started to touch and create pieces
with clay. I went to some art schools but I never graduated. I think it's better to
learn ceramic practicing and experiencing.
I went to back to japan 1997 to have my own studio in the countryside. Then I
met GAIA DRUM, a workshop to make your own drum with clay and put the
sheep skin over and play it.
This workshop is designed y MISATO FUDO, actually she is a curator of 21
century museum contemporary art in Kanazawa. She studied also in Madrid,
Spain by chance. I loved this project, I enjoyed so much to see the people felt
free and have fun with drums like kids.
I was back to Barcelona in 2000 again. From 2004 I started to give may
Japanese style class and raku workshops.
In 2009 I moved to suburbs of Barcelona. I started to experience with fire.
It was very curious because I didn't have much experience but I felt as if I knew
well about the fire. I developed the paper kiln technique and designed FIRE
MANDALA. I realized this project for the first time in an experimental kilns
festival, DOMADORES DE FUEGO, Zaragoza. It was a success.
In 2011 I realized the project TAKOIVO HOUSE. It was very hard job but I
challenged my limits. I can't forget that big fire with this project, it was like a
fire cascade.
In 2012 with Juan Fanlo we made a land art work +588 -588 ZERO POINT in
dried dam, Zaragoza. Using natural formed clay blocks making a snake road
and with these blocks we constructed a kind of tower. That experience made me
feel my origin in wild natural environment.
In 2014 and 2015 I made fire mandala three times in Valencia, Rioja and
Asturias. I love this project because I can share the process with people. Now I
know why I designed this round shape kiln, it makes good harmony, and means
the union with people.

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